Episode 36 – Private First Class Oscar W. Green, U.S. Army

Voices To Veterans
Episode 36 - Private First Class Oscar W. Green, U.S. Army

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Voices to Veterans podcast. This episode features the story of Private First Class Oscar W. Green, U.S. Army.

While I love all the veterans’ stories I’ve done, Oscar’s is one of my all-time favorites. His story is both a war story and a love story – it’s about a young man who went off to war and the young wife who saved him when he returned badly wounded. It’s action packed, with combat scenes as Oscar fights through Germany with the 44th Infantry Division, and it’s human and real, as his wife Mary sends him off to war and then helps heal him when he returns. Both Oscar and Mary are true American heroes and founding members of the Greatest Generation. This is one story you won’t want to miss.

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