Here's What Reviewers are Saying

  • “David Grogan’s Sapphire Pavilion is a page turner with twists and turns on just about every page. From a sleepy law practice in Southern Virginia to the streets and back alleys of Ho Chi Minh City to the corridors of the U.S. State Department, Grogan’s protagonist – retired Navy JAG Captain Steve Stilwell, manages to piece together a long-buried truth that threatens to destroy him and others.”

    Gene Pell
    Host of the nationally syndicated radio program "Veterans Chronicles"
  • “Grogan’s richly layered writing style brings you into the pages, like a virtual reality. It’s more than an excellent read. It’s an experience.”

    Carine McCandless
    Author of NYT Best Seller, The Wild Truth
  • “All you need do is allow this suspense novel to entertain you with what happens when a former Navy JAG officer learns that an old Navy buddy is in a Ho Chi Minh City jail for possessing heroin. . . . Throw in elements of bribery, treachery and ethics, and you’re hooked by the former Navy JAG officer’s second novel.”

    J. Ford Huffman
    Military Times
  • “A thrilling, intriguing tale, Sapphire Pavilion leaves you hanging by the seat of your pants. The fast-paced action is continuous, climbing every step of the way. . . . Thanks for a great read!”

    Lissette E. Manning
  • [Sapphire Pavilion’s] many threads weave a compelling exploration of veterans’ struggles then and now, and how they are far more similar than different. Grogan succeeds in pushing readers to think more deeply about wartime truths that remain buried overseas.”

    Jackie Mohan
  • “[T]his fast-paced mystery and thriller gripped me from the beginning. I enjoyed every moment of it and look forward to reading more from this author. I recommend it to readers who enjoy mysteries and thrillers, as well as anyone who enjoys a good story.”

    Dianne Ascroft
  • “Let me tell you, this novel is so chock full of suspense that you won’t want to put down. . . . If you like political thrillers with jaw-dropping plot twists at the end, then this one’s for you.”

    Tribute Books Mama Blog
The Siegel Dispositions Hi-Res Cover 9-17-2014
  • “A faced-paced thriller with lots of twists and a refreshing moral center. Our hero Steve Stilwell is excellent company.”

    Vaughn Sherman
    Author of "Sasha Plotkin's Deceit"
  • “In The Siegel Dispositions, David Grogan has produced a stem-winding, magnetic barnburner in his very first novel out of the chute. . . . A masterful work for anyone who loves a great legal mystery.”

    Don Brown
    Best-selling author of The Navy Justice Series
  • “Well-researched and fast-moving, The Siegel Dispositions tackles hate crimes, history, legacy and the ever-mysterious bonds of family. . . . Watch out CSI!”

    Kathleen Jabs
    Author of "Blackwings"

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