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  1. Kirstin Miller
    July 29, 2018 @ 3:45 PM

    I had the great honor of serving with Hub this past week working in the mission field in Cincinnati with youth. What a powerful man, great character and integrity that those kids and I won’t forget. Thank you for highlighting such excellence. This individual is an incredibly positive example to all. God bless you, Herbert Burnett aka Coach Hub.


  2. davidegrogan
    June 8, 2019 @ 8:29 AM

    Kirsten – sorry for the super-delayed response, but after all of this time, I have finally figured out how to view comments. Herbert is a fantastic person and role model and it was an honor to get to speak with him. He is the kind of person that really does make the world a better place by positively impacting people–especially young people.


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