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  1. Lynn Cooper
    February 26, 2022 @ 10:23 AM

    By chance, I happened to meet Howard Berger twice, here in Colorado. Both times, I introduced myself to him, as a Board Member / Videographer of the Colorado Eighth Air Force Historical Society. He graciously spent time with me, sharing many of the stories you documented in your article. I feel so fortunate to have met such an extraordinary man that dedicated his life to serving our country and aiding other Servicemen and their families for over 50+ years! I was also quite impressed by his clarity and vivid recollections that he shared! Mr. Berger held my arm, as we walked over to his car last night. At a youthful age of 99, he then drove off alone, into the night…. and what a night it was! Thank you Mr. Berger! – Regards, Mr. Lynn Cooper, Jr.


    • davidegrogan
      February 27, 2022 @ 7:37 AM

      Lynn – Thanks for taking the time to read Howard’s story and for leaving your comment. Howard is an amazing person and I am so glad our paths crossed. He has a gift of making you feel like a lifelong friend the moment you meet him. V/r, Dave Grogan


  2. Nora Boyle
    March 3, 2024 @ 1:32 PM

    I just met Howard and he is adorable. We talked about my WWII dad, Brooklyn, etc.
    Want to send him my dad’s autobiography, etc. I feel like I just had a “visit” from my dad.


    • davidegrogan
      March 7, 2024 @ 1:20 PM

      Nora, Thanks for reading Howard’s story!


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